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Create And Sell Courses, Digital Downloads And Premium Content.

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An open source no-code platform for creators.

Course Authoring

Create full featured educative courses for your audience. Arrange the lessons in groups, lock lessons behind paywall and more.

Unlimited Storage

You get unlimited storage to store your images, videos, infographics and other sort of course material. You do not have to rely upon external sources like YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox to store your media files.

Unlimited Team Members

We understand that you might have editors, course authors and other staff in your team who can administer course creation activities. The good news is that we do not charge you extra for additional team members.

Payment Processing

We do not provide Stripe integration out of the box. However we have built the tooling in the platform so that you can attach your Stripe account to your schools and keep it 100% between you and Stripe.

School Customization

You can customize the layout and the theme of your school to make it truly yours. We offer both free and paid themes (in case you want one).

Custom Domains

You can use a courselit subdomain or add your own custom domain to your school at no additional cost.

Third-party Integrations


If you want to host tutorials, articles or any type of blog posts on your school website, CourseLit has got your back.


CourseLit is an open-source LMS. If you are technical enough, you can run it on your own without paying us anything.
You get a 14 days free subscription when you sign up. After that, it's only $18/month and you can launch upto 3 schools using your subscription.

You can reach out to us whenever you feel stuck at your content creation journey with CourseLit.

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